Last update: 11/07/2016

APS Bank

APS Bank was established in 1910 as one of the projects set up by l’Unione Cattolica San Giuseppe. It was intended mainly to inculcate savings habits amongst the working classes. Since then its role has developed and evolved.

As a matter of fact the Bank managed to position itself as a cost efficient financial institution, whilst retaining personal banking as its major strength. Its mission statement is to offer quality financial services in an efficient, cost effective and ethical way inspired by the social commitment of our shareholders.

Customer focus,employee development and innovation are the drivers of their success.

Thanks to its subsidiary, APS Consult Ltd, the Bank offers support and consulting services to all entities involved in fields in restructuration (agriculture, fishing, education, sports, culture). Equity of 48.539.000 euros


20, APS House, St Anne Square
9020 Floriana FRN - Malte
Tel: +356 2560 3200
Fax: +356 2122 6202