Last update: 11/07/2016

Banca Etica

The idea behind Banca Etica consists in creating a place where savers, driven by the common desire of a more transparent and responsible management of financial resources, may meet socio-economic initiatives, inspired by the values of a sustainable social and human development.

The bank manages savings raised from private citizens, as singles or families, organisations, companies and institutions in general, and invests them in initiatives pursuing both social and economic objectives, operating in full respect of human dignity and the environment.

In such context Banca Etica sets out to educate both savers and borrowers by enhancing the awareness of the formers about their saving's destination, and encouraging the latter to develop their management and entrepreneurial abilities.

Banca Etica is the first institution of ethical finance in Italy. The bank's solid roots are to be found in the world of the third sector organisations, of voluntary work and of international cooperation.

In 1999, Banca Etica opened its first branch office in Padova. Today the Bank counts on 16 branch offices and a wide-spread network of financial promoters called "banchieri ambulanti".


7, Via Niccolò Tommaseo 35131 Padova - Italy
Tel: + 39 (0)49 87 71 111
Fax: + 39 (0)49 73 99 799