Last update: 06/02/2019

Banca Etica

BANCA ETICA is a cooperative bank operating in Italy and Spain, owned by citizens and social organizations and inspired by the principles of Ethical Finance:

  • transparency
  • participation
  • sobriety
  • efficiency
  • awareness of the non-economic consequences of economic actions

Banca Etica is free from influence of politics and economic-financial groups: the members are citizens and organizations; 90 groups of active members in Italy and Spain guarantee the development of local relationships; the promotion of ethical finance's culture and contribute to determine the strategic orientations of the Bank.

The principle  “one head, one vote” rules in the General Assembly that elect the main corporate bodies.

With the collected savings Banca Etica provides loans exclusively to people and organizations with sustainable projects in the areas of social cooperation; social innovation; environment; culture and quality of life; international cooperation. Banca Etica is  the only bank in Italy to publish online all the loans to organizations and enterprises.



Banca Etica is accessible for everyone through: 17 branches in Italy,  30 itinerant bankers, internet and mobile banking services.

Banca Etica offers a complete banking experience:

  • checking accounts
  • account-related services
  • savings and investments products
  • ethical investment funds
  • private loans
  • loans for organizations and social companies



In the loans evaluation’s process the economic investigation is paired with a social and environmental assessment. This evaluation is based on parameters such as: democratic participation;  transparency; gender equity; respect for the environment  and working conditions,   ties of territorial proximity.



Banca Etica is a network: the bank acts together with a cultural foundation and an asset management company.  Etica Sgr is the asset management company of Banca Popolare Etica Group. It's the only one in Italy that places only ethical investment funds, which invest exclusively in securities of States and companies with a high profile of social and environmental responsibility. Moreover, Etica SGR: has established the Fund for microcredit projects in Italy, whose subscribers can donate 1 euro for every 1,000 they invested; conducts active shareholder activities to raise awareness on social and environmental issues in the companies in which it invests; offers consultancy for institutional investors.

Fondazione Finanza Etica works in Italy and abroad on the promotion, research  and training activities on ethics, economics and finance.



Banca Etica is part of international alliances on ethical finance.

·         FEBEA

·         SEFEA - European company for Ethical and alternative Finance; it supports the participating members of FEBEA. SEFEA offers: consultancy services; financial services for the development of medium-long term projects; participation in international projects for the promotion of ethical finance and social economy

·         GABV The Global Alliance for Banking on Values is an independent network composed by the main banks around the world who operate on the basis of the principles of ethical finance. It was founded in 2009 and today has 36 member banks who share research, training and lobbying activities.



  •  SHARE CAPITAL                                                  € 66.000.000
  •  SAVINGS COLLECTION                                       € 1.450.000.000
  •  LOANS APPROVED                                              € 900.000.000
  •  NUMBER OF MEMBERS                                      42.000                                   



7, Via Niccolò Tommaseo 35131 Padova - Italy
Tel: + 39 (0)49 87 71 111
Fax: + 39 (0)49 73 99 799