Last update: 03/09/2020


Coop57 is an ethical and solidarity-based financial services cooperative, which has as its main objective the contribution to the positive social transformation of our economy and our society. For 25 years, Coop57 has financed projects of the social and solidarity economy through financial intermediation. 


It was established in 1995 in Catalunya, but since then has expanded the territories where it works. Currently, Coop57 is also present in Andalucía, Aragón, Galiza, Euskal Herria, Madrid and Asturies. Therefore, the cooperative is organized by territorial sections, each of which has its own governing bodies and structures of participation. 


While conducting a financial activity, its objective is not economic but social. As a financial services cooperative, Coop57 collects the personal savings from citizens in order to channel them towards financing projects of the social and solidarity economy that add value to society as a whole. Through this intermediation, Coop57 has financed cooperatives, associations, federations, housing projects... all around the Iberian peninsula. 


In the last seven years, Coop57 has granted more than 60 million euros in loans. Nowadays, it has around 5.000 individual members and more than 900 organizations affiliated. 

Coop57, SCCL 

Carrer Premià, 15 

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Twitter: @coop_57