Last update: 05/09/2019

Cooperative Bank of Chania


The Cooperative Bank of Chania L.L.C. was initially established 26 years ago (1993) as a Credit Cooperative (Chania Credit Cooperative). It operates as a cooperative bank since 1995, when 

it took its present form. The bank was always owned by multiple minor shareholders. Today, the largest shareholder holds 2,8% of the total capital.

Since its business beginning, CBC focuses mainly in retail banking and financing SMEs, offering a wide range of products, like working capital loans, fixed maturity or revolving, letters of guarantee, corporate current accounts, time deposits etc. Additionally, in cooperation with state funds, like ΕΤΕΑΝ, the bank offers subsidized and guaranteed loan programs, addressed mainly to MSMEs.

At first, CBC operated only in the Prefecture of Chania and only members (partners) could be its customers, though since 2007 transactions with non-members are allowed.

During the years 2002-2007 gradually, its branch network expanded to the rest of Crete and Attica Region and

From 2009, CBC is the parent company of a group that consists of a variety of small businesses operating in processing of agricultural products, renewable energy sources and real estate.

In 2019, the Cooperative Bank of Chania became an effective member of the European Federation of Ethical and Alternative Banks (FEBEA), being the second in Greece that has joined the Federation.


Infromation at 31/12/2018 (on consolidated basis)

Εmployees : 275

Active clients: 70.639

Shareholders (partners): 25.863

Total Balance Sheet : 473.331.000 €