Last update: 03/09/2020


CRESAÇOR was founded in 2000 with a mission of: Promoting the solidarity economy in Azores (Atlantic Region of Portugal), combining local and community development; professional, personal and social training; and production and marketing of products and services.


CRESAÇOR vision is based on three principles: economic democracy, social justice and primacy to people, with multiple areas of intervention. Its goals are:

  • To increase access to education, to training and to job incubation;
  • To support creation and sustainability of Solidarity Economy initiatives;
  • To provide economic-financial consulting services for sustainability and autonomy of micro-enterprises of social insertion.


CRESAÇOR acts as a network of 27 Social Economy entities from 6 Azorean islands, employing around 1.400 people and with a annual turnover around 70 M€.


CRESAÇOR has created a Warranty Seal - CORES / - for products and services of Solidarity Economy Network in Azores to promote its organizations economic feasibility and sustainability. And manages an inclusive service of Tourism for All -


CRESAÇOR manages the Azorean MicroCredit Programme, since 2006, through its Office for Entrepreneurship and Microcredit, whose mission is:

  • To foster entrepreurship and to support promoters of small businesses to apply for incentive schemes, namely Azorean Microcredit Programme
  • To ensure technical support to the preparation of projects and its follow-up through complete project life cycle


CRESAÇOR runs also a business incubator - INCUBAÇOR and has supported the creation of more than 400 companies in the Region.


  • In 2019, CRESAÇOR teams include 50 people. 
  • As Social Cooperative, it has 27 members with voting rights.
  • In what regards trading activities, CRESAÇOR sells solidarity economy goods and provides services to individual customers, civil society organizations and private companies (these belonging mainly to the Tourist Sector, such as Animation Services and Travel Agents)

Altogether, we reach 2.200 clients.

  • Total assets in balance sheet, at 31/12/2019, amounts for around 1 million Eur. 

Official accounts are being closed at this moment; so this is our best estimative figure.

    • address - Rua D. Maria José Borges, 137 - Fajã de Baixo; 9500 - 466 Ponta Delgada
    • tel - (+351) 296 281 554
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