Last update: 21/03/2019


Cultura Bank was founded in 1997 as a savings bank following a 10 years pre-history as a credit union.
The bank’s goal is to contribute to a better society through the financing of projects with a positive environmental, cultural and social impact. When Fair Finance guide for Norway was published in 2019, Cultura Bank was at the top of the list, scoring 98 of 100 points.
Cultura Bank has 7500 customers from all over Norway. The main areas in the loan portfolio are organic agriculture, manufacturing and distribution of organic food, education, healthcare and cultural activities.
The bank is also offering home mortgages to its private customers with a special emphasis on ecological building. The bank is always evaluating a project’s environmental profile, its significance to the local community and employment, before proceeding with the actual economic analysis.
The bank offers a range of basic banking products to individuals and companies, including internet banking facilities and debit cards. In 2018 Cultura Bank introduced CulturaFlokk (“flokk” is the Norwegian word for “crowd”), a platform for donation and reward based crowdfunding. 

Cultura Bank

Postal adress: PO Box 6800 St. Olavs pl. N-0130 Oslo, Norway

Visiting address: Holbergs gate 1, Oslo

Telephone: 0047 22 99 51 99