Last update: 16/03/2020

France Active

France Active helps entrepreneurs to commit to the social, environmental and economic development of their region – whether they are just starting out or in a period of growth. It supports them with finance issues, provides them with the funding that is best suited to their needs, and offers access to a unique network of business and social stakeholders.

As a pioneer in solidarity-based finance, France Active boosts the work of more than 7,500 entrepreneurs every year. By raising more than €300 million for them, it enables to create or maintain nearly 40,000 jobs. To keep its work in line with business and social issues, France Active and its partners have created a network made up of one national association, 42 regional associations, and 3 financial institutes:
  • France Active Investissement
    The social investment company enables France Active to collect solidarity-based savings and invest in social enterprises and socially innovative enterprises.  
  • France Active Garantie
    The financial company grants loan guarantees to enterprises that promote employment and social cohesion. It guarantees the bank in case the entrepreneur defaults.
  • France Active Financement
    France Active Financement ensures centralised management of interest-free Caisse des Dépôts loans (ex “Nacre”): disbursement, follow-up, recovery of those loans.
France Active
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