Last update: 03/06/2016

FEBEA CONFERENCE 2016 - Split, Croatia Monday 6th June 2016

Wednesday, 20 April, 2016

in collaboration with the member Cooperative for Ethical Financing (ebanka)




The European society is constantly changing and evolving to respond to different solicitations, determined by international, national and local dynamics and circumstances. Such changes often determine the emergence of new social, economic and financial needs that existing practices and tools cannot address. The ethical financial sector is in turn facing major challenges, both in technological (growing integration of IT in baking systems, diffusion of alternative payment systems, expansion of social networks...) and social terms (need to respond to financial needs of new forms of community, shared initiatives, growing social needs, migration flows, ...).

Innovation in ethical banking practices is therefore fundamental if we want to continue to tackle effectively the needs of the social economy and local communities.
The FEBEA conference wants to open a public debate on these topics, focusing on innovative solutions that are being developed in Europe and on challenges and issues that require innovative and creative answers.
We will discuss together:
Innovative uses of IT in ethical banking;
Innovative financial partnerships;
Technological innovation as a driver of social change & social innovation as a creator of demand for technical solutions;
Social innovation (through ethical finance) as a driver of change in the society - examples of Croatia and abroad.