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Tuesday, 30 June, 2015

Article published by Credal,  FEBEA member and co-organiser of the Conference


On Monday 15 June, representatives of ethical banks and the European cultural sector gathered in Mons at the initiative of FEBEA and Crédal. More than 100 people have fueled discussions and discussed possible collaborations tracks (desirable and desired) between the cultural sector and ethical finance.

The conference took place in the cinéma d’Art et d’Essai Plaza Art in the center of Mons. An inspiring place for a day on the theme of culture.

After a word of welcome Georges-Louis Bouchez, alderman of the city of Mons, the objective of the conference was introduced by Fabio Salviato (President of FEBEA) and Olivier Gevart (administrator of Crédal). An ambitious goal: lay the foundation for creative partnerships between ethical finance and culture.


The concerned sectors were marked by Peru Sasia (Professor of Ethics at the University of Deusto - Spain - and a member of the Board of Banca Etica) and Sabine de Ville (President of Culture and Democracy).

“Ethical banks are dealing with a deep reflection on the right to credit and citizen demand to orient placements to the common good.”

“The cultural experience is unique, each of us is a being in culture. It also creates the common and collective, the sharing, the link.”


Bernard Horenbeek (Crédal Director and Vice-president of FEBEA) presented an overview of the existing involvement of FEBEA members in the cultural sector.

“Knowing our customers, assess their needs and their ability to carry out new projects while analyzing their economic potential and their repayment capacity is a constant challenge. Being ourselves open and adapt to innovation and creativity is another.”

Etienne Bonvin (Alternative Bank Switzerland), Gaetano Giunta (Messina Foundation) and Jamal Youssfi (Compagnie des Nouveaux Disparus) gave concrete examples of existing and innovative collaborations.


The day continued with the presentation of concrete tools at the service of culture, tools that ethical finance could use. Maciej Szymanowicz (European Commission) presented the actions of the commission for the creative and cultural sector, including the establishment of a guarantee fund for SMEs in the sector. Nicolas Wallet (Financial Director of Smart BE) announces its finding that the artists are new entrepreneurs. "The artist works with project and should, as other entrepreneurs, be equipped to be able to expand its business sustainably." Philippe Reynaert has demonstrated how the cinema has contributed to the development of Wallonia.


The conference ended with a discussion moderated by Xavier Flament (editorial manager of the Foundation Mons 2015). Tony de Vuyst (General Director of Culture Point), Fabio Salvatio (President of FEBEA) and Bernard Horenbeek (director of Crédal) campaigned for a respective opening up of concerned sectors.

"The updating of network of financial and culture actors is needed! The cultural sector works by project, this way of work must be integrated in the financial procedures.” The conference is a great initiative to promote this rapprochement.« Networking is essential to understand the needs of each party involved and to install confidence in stakeholders. we can't forget that “make credit is trust".

To the question, what do we do now? The answers are multiple "Continue to work on networking, each one in our own countries but also in Europe." And to mark this collaboration, FEBEA will work on a charter formalizing the alliance between culture and ethical finance.

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