Last update: 29/01/2020

Fund for Social Economy in Slovakia

Wednesday, 29 January, 2020
The first EU-funded loan fund for social economy entities under the European Social Fund will soon become operational in Slovakia. One of its two operators will be our member TISE (Groupe Crédit Coopératif). The Slovak Ministry of Finance and the Slovak Investment Holding have decided to launch a tender in the autumn. The agreement was initialed in December and signed in its final form a few days ago. The new fund will be endowed with 3.75 million euros. The loans will be granted for a maximum duration of 7 years with a maximum ceiling of 0.5 million euros per loan.
TISE has been active in the social entrepreneurship market in central and eastern Europe (including Slovakia) for several years, through loans financed from its own funds and backed by an EU EaSI guarantee.
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