Last update: 24/09/2015

Impact of European Microfinance

Thursday, 24 September, 2015
The “Impact of European Microfinance” project is a 3 year research project funded by the European Investment Bank (EIB) under the EIB Research Sponsorship (EIBURS) programme and the International Labour Office (ILO) under its Social Finance programme. 
The overall aim of the “Impact of European Microfinance” project is to contribute to the understanding and evaluation of the impact of microfinance on social and financial inclusion in Europe
More concrectly, the programme aims at:
Develop an “impact self-assessment tool” made available online to microfinance providers. 
- Develop an “impact enhancement dashboard” which will link the data provided by the self-assessment tool with a limited number of indicators regarding the national/local context (i.e. poverty level, types of providers, labour market, welfare state, etc.) selected following case studies and European surveys analysis

More information on the project here