Last update: 08/10/2014

Prix Credal Impact + 2014

Wednesday, 8 October, 2014



The Award Crédal Impact + is assigned every year in occasion of the Salon Europe Refresh to a Belgian project, in Bruxelles or in Wallonie, engaged in a strong dynamic of sustainable development or services for the community. With this award, Crédal reinforces its support to concrete and original initiatives with a positive impact on environment and on society.
This year the award was assigned to Médor, a future Belgian magazine of investigate reports and stories, that will be launched in September 2015. It's the project of 17 journalists, photographers, illustrators and graphics - meaning producers - who want to rethink the way to produce and disseminate information. Médor will offer 128 pages of long-term investigations, reports and portraits centered on Belgium, produced in dignity.

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