Last update: 11/05/2020


FEBEA offers several activities of support for its members in their relations with the EU institutions, through:

- development of relations with European institutions, EIF, EIB for access to specific products such as :

- support for the presentation and implementation of EU-level projects. 


Here below a selected list of the projects implemented by FEBEA in the last years:



FEBEA partnered with the OSCE (the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe), as well as SEFEA Consulting and SCP/RAC in order to promote Green and Social Entrepreneurship in the Mediterranean as a tool for contributing to stability and peace in the region. This collaboration has allowed the launch of the OSCE GEMS Awards, thanks to an endowment by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation.

The OSCE GEMS Award will provide a 15,000€ grant to the best six business ideas submitted by young Green Entrepreneurs from six countries of the Mediterranean (Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia), taking into account their social and environmental impact.



SwitchMed is a EU-funded initiative that supports and connects stakeholders to scale up eco and social innovations in the Mediterranean. It provides all Mediterranean stakeholders with tools and connections for their social and eco innovation projects in order to achieve productive, circular and sharing economies in the Mediterranean. The SwitchMed activities include training of green business entrepreneurs and startups, empowering grassroot innovative solutions, and building capacity of sustainable industry service providers. The SwitchMed Initiative also engages with policy institutions to establish a regulatory and policy framework to boost the market for sustainable products and services. The target countries of SwitchMed are Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia.




PROFIT: Promoting Financial Awareness and Stability [H2020 program- Call for Proposal: H2020-ICT-2015 - Collective Awareness Platforms]

Approved for funding by the EU Commission in August 2015, the PROFIT project will develop an online platform for enhancing financial literacy among EU citizens and devising innovative solutions to financial crises. The project aims at developing a novel, knowledge-aware platform to ensure informed financial decision-making based on mining knowledge from multi-source, multidisciplinary, and heterogeneous groups and ‘crowds’. Using wide information monitoring, cognitive information refining, suitable presentation methods such as voting and visualization trend extraction in conjunction with advanced financial forecasting models, PROFIT endeavours to form a robust financial awareness platform where user entities will be acquainted to financial terms, and gain knowledge regarding financial trends.

The project officially started in January 2016 with a meeting of the whole consortium in Bratislava, Slovakia and will last for 3 years, until December 2018. FEBEA is participating along with six of its members: APS, Credal, Ebanka, Sklad05, Cooperative Bank of Karditsa and FCRE - Fondazione Culturale Responsabilità Etica (via subcontracting). SEFEA, as the operational tool of the Federation, acts as coordinator of the activities of the members involved in the project. FEBEA and its members will provide their expertise on mechanisms/tools in order to foster financial literacy and awareness. In addition to this, FEBEA members will involve their individual clients/members in order to test the Platform and provide feedbacks to improve its design and functioning. The members of the Consortium are: EEA SRO (Slovakia- Leader Partner), Ethniko Kentro Erevnas Kai Technologikis Anaptyxis (Greece), University Of Glasgow (UK), Democritus University Of Thrace (Greece), Semantic Web Company Gmbh (Austria)




3E4SE funds - European Ethical Financial Ecosystem for local partnerships supporting new Social Enterprises [EaSi program - Call for Proposal: VP/2013/017 - Supporting the demand and supply side of the Market for social enterprise finance] 

Approved for funding in August 2014, implemented from September 2014 to September 2015, the 3E4SE project is now concluded. The project aimed at establishing and testing a strategy for cooperation between public funds and ethical and alternative or cooperative funds for the development of specific local/regional financial tools supporting social enterprises. FEBEA participated to the project with two of its members: Banca Etica and Ekobanken. SEFEA sc presented the project as Leader partner.

As a result, FEBEA, along with the other EU-level partners (SEFEA, REVES, ENSIE with FAEDEI, DIESIS, IMPULSE EU), signed a Memorandum to create a European platform committed to promoting the development of regional partnerships, combining private and public funds for the development of financial instruments in order to promote the local social economy, thanks to the tools elaborated during the project. Banca Etica and Ekobanken, along with local partners and stakeholders in Puglia (Confcooperative Puglia) and VastraGotaland Region (VG Region, Coompanion, Mikrofonded, City of Goteborg, BRG) signed a specific local memorandum for the setting up of a financial instrument dedicated to the social economy sector.