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Registrations are open for our 2019 Conference on "ETHICAL FINANCE & IMPACT ENTREPRENEURSHIP – Leveraging community potential towards sustainability"! Have a look at the programme and register now: https://febea-conference2019.eu/
On February 20th and 21st we attended the final meeting of the PROFIT project in Brussels, discussing lessons learnt and future potential for the promotion of financial literacy and financial awareness. Fo more information about the project: https://projectprofit.eu/ Thank you to the Slovak Liaison...
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Our VP Wlodzimierz Grudzinski will take part in the panel "Social Economy, shaping the Future of Europe" at the event co-organised by Social Economy Europe, EESC - European Economic and Social Committee, European Committee of the Regions and the Social Economy Intergroup on the 6/02. Have a look at...
Read the FEBEA Newsletter! Latest edition available here Subscription
Our member La Nef launched a historic citizen mobilization campaign! The objective is to engage citizens wishing to commit to an ethical, transparent and citizens-oriented bank.   For further information, please visit this link.
FEBEA attented the IFIN2018 workshop "Responsible finance for good: financial literacy, financial technology and their interactions" organised by the Profit Project, where we discussed about financial literacy and fintech, providing the point of view of  ethical finance. The workshop and the PROFIT...
In the context of SwitchMed Connect, the seminar "Financing sustainable consumption and production practices: fostering south-south dialogue" was organised as part of the project A Revenue Generation Approach for SCP Dissemination in Kenya, led by our member Etimos under the SwitchAfrica Green...
This policy paper published by Social Economy Europe(SEE) aims to serve as basis for a future European Action Plan for the Social Economy, that -over the last years- has been consistently requested by the social economy sector, the European Parliament (and its Social Economy Intergroup), the...
FEBEA's Vice Chairman M. Wlodzimierz Grudzinski has been selected to take part in the Commission's Expert Group on Social Economy and Social Enterprises. This is a great recognition of the great experience of our Vice Chairman in this field and of role of FEBEA's members for the development of the...