Last update: 11/05/2020



FEBEA is an international non profit organisation. Its operations are described in detail in its Internal Rules and Articles of Associations.


The Board of Directors consists of minimum 5 and maximum 15 members. Committee members are elected by the General Meeting of Members for a term of three years and removed with a simple majority vote of present or represented members. Committee members need not necessarily be FEBEA members, provided they are elected by the General meeting of Members.

The Board of Directors elects a chairman and three deputy-chairmen from among its members, the eligible ones being nominated by the founders or by a minimum of 8 statutory directors.

The steering committee takes on all FEBEA management activities, except for those reserved for the General Assembly.

Composition of the Board of Directors



The General Assembly of FEBEA has all the necessary powers for the performance of its duties. It comprises of all statutory members who have a vote, and operates on the principle of one member, one vote. The associate and honorary members are invited to attend but have no voting rights.

Decisions are taken by majority of all present or represented members, without a quorum, except for decisions concerning the amendment of the by-laws, the exclusion of a member and the dissolution of the association, which require a quorum of two thirds of all present or represented members .

The General Assembly is held at least once a year. An extraordinary meeting may be called by the Board of Directors or at the request of at least three statutory members.



The Board of Directors delegates to its Executive Committee the responsibility for operational matters as set forth below.
The Executive Committee shall:
• Provide general supervision of the conduct of the Federation's affairs between meetings of the Board and report back to the Board.
• Provide support and general supervision to the implementation of the strategy defined by the Assembly and the Board of Directors.
• Provide support and general supervision to the implementation of the resolutions adopted by the Assembly and the Board of Directors.
• Advise and assist in the preparation of the agenda for meetings of the Executive Committee, the Board, and the Assembly.
• Oversee the involvement of the Federation in projects, events and initiatives aligned with the Federation’s goals.


Thematic work teams meet to discuss issues of interest to the members of FEBEA. Participation in them is voluntary. Work teams are formed by the Board of Directors upon request by one or more members and report on the progress of their work to the General Assembly.