Decoding the EU Election manifestos through the Ethical Finance lens – Policy Note

From June 6th to 9th, Europe will hold its elections after a five-year mandate. Various parties, composed of candidates from across the continent, are proposing reforms on several topics. But what do they propose on ethical finance?

Since the concept of ethical finance is not integrated in the proposals, we have analyzed all the parties’ manifestos to see what they propose in terms of green transition, social aspects, economy and finance, and several topics related to ethical finance and social economy organizations. Take a look at the Policy Note and discover our barometer.

European Elections Manifesto Scoreboard by FEBEA

  • Red: the issue is either not mentioned at all, or the party’s proposal is harmful to the ethical finance sector;
  • Yellow: the issue is mentioned but no concrete solution is proposed;
  • Green: the issue is mentioned and the party proposes a concrete solution, beneficial to the ethical finance sector.

So... what are the conclusions?