FEBEA is looking for an accounting firm (CLOSED)

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Given the expansion of our activities, we are looking for a new accounting partner.

The federation is in full expansion, and we would like to move towards an Analytical Accounting and maximize our legal structure. We are looking therefore for an Accountant specialized in those types of companies.

We have an External Auditor who provided recommendations to be compliant with our obligations.

We were so far a nano AISBL but given the expansion in terms of projects, funding, and resources, we must follow the rules of a Micro AISBL.

The model of our accounting was so far the simplified version, defined by bookkeeping including all our movements.

Even if we were a Nano AISBL, we have opted for a double entry bookkeeping in a classical bookkeeping system as we want to increase our visibility and transparency. The system used is Winbooks.

So we would like to get an offer for the:

  • double entry bookkeeping for AISBL
  • the related TVA declara0on and any other Taxes to be paid by the AISBL (“taxe
  • compensatoire”, Belgian Tax an0cipated payments,…) and any related fiscal advises
  • the closure of Account
  • Intermediary Balance Sheet for the Board, on a quarterly basis
  • the Balance Sheet and the rela0onship with the Tax Authori0es or any regulatory bodies
  • data, documents and adjustments requested by the Auditor
  • the Management Report
  • a partnership in English

We would need as well to get an estimation of the implementation and integration cost. This will include the “move” from our current system for the months already done as we would like to get the whole year 2023.

We would need the offer clearly showing the estimated numbers of hours and the related cost by topic.

Could you also tell us when you could start if the outcome is positive?

We would like to get your offer at the latest on May 12th.

If you have any questions or need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us, aurora.prospero@febea.org, FEBEA Manager, and annepascale@b2betogether.com, FEBEA representative.

Please submit your offer to: Secretariat@febea.org.