Last update: 04/06/2018

FEBEA Conference and General Assembly 2017

The FEBEA Conference and General Assembly 2017 took place in Warsaw on May 30 and 31, hosted by our local member TISE. This year the Conference was organized in collaboration with INAISE (the International Association of Investors in the Social Economy). During both days international representatives of ethical banks and social economy sector actively participated in the events. 
The seminar day “Financing the Social Economy in a globalized context: today & tomorrow”  was opened by the welcome speech of the TISE, INAISE and FEBEA Presidents, after which the keynote speaker Léopold Beaulieu (President and Chief Executive Officer Fondaction CSN), with the introduction by Thierry Jeantet (President ESS International Forum), introduced the discussions with a speech on the Social Economy, Social Entrepreneurship and Sharing Economy.

The conference was divided in the follwing panels: 
  • Financing social economy in practice
  • European policies to support social enterprises
  • Showcase of a concrete experience – TISE in Poland: background, approach, effects
  • International vision: how we imagine the future of ethical and solidarity banking  
  • How to develop sustainable value chains

with the aim to discuss how ethical finance actors can deepen their commitment in this field and act as change-makers, balancing the engagement towards local communities and the need to act in a more and more globally interconnected society.

The FEBEA General Assembly held on Wednesday 31st voted the admission of Ulster Community Investment Trust LTD - UCIT (Ireland and North Ireland) as effective member, Bank fur Gemeinwohl (Austria) and FESCOOP (Portugal) as associate members. Moreover, the Board was renewed and it is now composed by:
  • Pedro Manuel Sasia Santos, BANCA POPOLARE ETICA - nominated as Chairman
  • Fabio Salviato, SEFEA
  • Etienne Bonvin, Alternative Bank Switzerland
  • Bernanrd Horenbek, CREDAL
  • Cyrille Langendorff, Credit Coopératif
  • Davide Libralesso, Consorzio Etimos
  • Liesbet Loeys, Hefboom
  • Pierre-Emmanuel Valentin, La Nef
  • Dominique Lesaffre, SIDI
  • Wlodzimierz Grudzinski, TISE S.A.
  • Asbjorn Andersen, Merkur Bank
  • Panagiotis Tournavitis,  Cooperative Bank of Karditsa
In the afternoon 4 discussion groups were organized in order to foster the FEBEA and INAISE members’ collaboration on themes of common interest: Management, Migrant entrepreneurship, Women entrepreneurship and New financial tools for the support of the social economy in Europe.
Here you can find some pictures of the event!