Last update: 14/01/2021

Welcome to our new member Fondazione di Comunità di Messina

Thursday, 14 January, 2021

We are very glad to welcome our new associate member Fondazione di Comunità di Messina!


The Messina Community Foundation pursues social justice and sustainable economic and human development by designing, experimenting and promoting new socio-economic approaches and paradigms. It leads the so-called “Advanced Social Cluster”, a group of highly diversified social organisations (cooperatives, foundations, NGOs, etc.) working in the educational, welfare, economic, cultural, scientific and technological sectors. In 10 years the Foundation, through the engagement of the Cluster, has supported and financed the start-up and/or consolidation phase of about 120 companies corresponding to over 400 job places created and/or consolidated (out of which almost 100 are for highly disadvantaged people) and has directly supported more than 700 disadvantaged people through personalized social support projects. The Foundation has been recognized as best practice by several national and international institutions and it is member of several national and international social economy networks.


A warm welcome to our new member!