Our Members

Today FEBEA federates 28 members (13 banks and 15 financial institutions) based across 15 European countries. These institutions have very different sizes and legal forms but all share the same concern for transparency and social and environmental benefits. The association is composed of full members, associate members and honorary members, individuals or legal persons. The Federation is open to new members. 


full Members

Full members of Febea are savings and credit financial institutions - cooperative mutual banks, foundations or other companies providing financial or similar services - whose activities are in line with the ethical finance charter of FEBEA and that have their registered office located in the European Union or in a candidate country.

Full members have one vote in the General Assembly and may be elected as member of the Board of Directors. 

The “founding members” are either full members who were present at the founding of FEBEA or members co-opted unanimously by the founding members. They are:


associate Members

FEBEA also accepts as associate members, upon nomination by the Board of Directors, institutions or organizations with which it has formed strategic relationships or partnerships. Associate members adhere to the ethical finance charter and are entitled to participate in the General Assembly, but have no voting rights and cannot be elected to the Board of Directors.



Honorary members, accepted by the Board of Directors are individuals recognized for their expertise in the ethical and solidarity finance field. The Board of Directors may decide to ask for a fee, whose amount shall be decided by a majority of two thirds.


How to become a member


This map illustrates the locations of the members and events of this website. Cette carte illustre les locations des membres et des événements de ce site.