Access to a network of social finance practitioners from more than 15 European countries.


Facilitated communication with EU Institutions dealing with financial instruments for social finance


Participation to thematic working groups, exchange and knowledge transfer events and initiatives


Contribue to shaping the European debate on sustainable and social finance


Gain visibility and recognition at European and international level


Free participation to Annual Conference and visibility events organised by the Federation across Europe;


Get detailed and updated information on European policies and tools on sustainable finance


Participation to European-funded projects with the support of the Federation


Get technical support by the Federation staff and partners to develop your projects and initiatives


To join FEBEA, any potential member must take the following steps:

1. Consult the official documents of the Federation (Charter, Articles of Associations, Internal Rules) and verify the conditions and criteria for the membership

In order to apply, a legal entity must:

    • be a financial institution working with savings and/or capital funds, or a foundation having institutional links with a financial institution of comparable nature or mutual cooperative bank, or others or an enterprise providing similar financial or technical services;
    • have a balance sheet of at least one million euros;
      have autonomy of decision vis-à-vis any organisation or external company;
    • have its registered offices in one of the Member States of the European Union or the European Free Trade Area, even if its activities are located in other countries;
    • provide FEBEA with transparent and complete information on its internal functioning, the collection of savings and the use of resources.

2. Send all the documents required at the end of this page.


3. Visit of members

If the written application is positively evaluated by the Board if Directros, the candidate will receive the visit of two members representatives of FEBEA, who will present a visit report to the Board of Directors.

4. Voting of the Board of Directors

If  the written application for membership and the visit report (points 2 and 3) show compatibility between the candidate’s structure and the spirit of FEBEA, the FEBEA Board of Directors will vote on the acceptance of the organization as new member. The admission of new members is then ratified by the Federation’s General Assembly. 

The amount of the annual membership fee is decided by the General Meeting. The amounts are currently based on the total assets of the applicant organisation according to this table


Partners are:

    • Organisations fulfilling the members’ conditions but having a balance sheet of less than one million of euros.
    • Organisations having applied as members, and to which the FEBEA Board, during the Application phase, has provided a series of recommendations regarding their alignment with the Ethical Finance principles and practices.

If the written application is positively evaluated by the Board if Directros, the candidate will receive the visit of two members representatives of FEBEA, who will present a visit report to the Board of Directors.

After 2 years from the approval as Partners, these organisations can be invited by the Board to move to the Member status.

Partners participate to the General Assembly with voting rights, but cannot be elected in the Board of Directors.

They can also participate in the initiatives, committees and working groups set up within the FEBEA and make use of the FEBEA tools.


FEBEA can also have strategic relations with institutions and legal persons that are not effective members and propose to them to become associate members. This can be: 

    • Associations and cooperatives (not providing financial services) dedicated to the promotion of social economy and social finance at local level
    • Research centres/entities working on social finance and entrepreneurship
    • Foundations
    • Any other organisation (not providing financial services) with strategic links to FEBEA members and/or FEBEA activities

Associate members cannot be elected to the Board of Directors and have no voting rights at the General Assembly, even if they have been invited to participate. They can participate in the working groups set up within the FEBEA and make use of the FEBEA tools.

Associate members can request to become effective members, but they will have to follow again the membership application procedure and show that they comply with all the requirements necessary to become effective members.


Candidates willing to become a FEBEA’s member/associate/partner will have to:

  • Meet the requirements stated in the previous pharagraphs
  • Adhere to and sign the FEBEA Charter
  • Pay the required fee, available in this table
  • Send the required documents:
    • Filled Application form
    • Filled questionnaire
    • Statutes (if possible in English) 
    • Registration certificate
    • Last Balance sheet available (if possible in English) 
    • Last Annual report  (if possible in English) 
    • Motivation letter (free format) 
  • Download the FEBEA Membership Application Form for Members and Partners 
  • Download the Membership Alignment Questionnaire for Members and Partners
  • Download the FEBEA Membership Application Form for Associates 
  • Download the Membership Alignment Questionnaire for Associates 
* Please note that there are different Application Forms and Questionnaires depending on the way the organisation would like to adhere to FEBEA. Make sure to download the right ones for each different way of participating.