For over 30 years, all over Europe, ethical and alternative financial firms have been created by citizens who sought to give another meaning to their money.

Founded in Brussels in 2001, FEBEA is the European Federation of Ethical and Alternative Banks and Financiers.

It brings together financial institutions from 17 European countries with the aim of developing ethical and social finance in Europe. Together, these innovative and pioneering institutions work, each in its own country, to disseminate the importance and urgency of the development of ethical and solidarity-based financial models in the European economic and political area.

FEBEA’s members work every day to contribute concretely to the creation of world solidarity. They rather act as an economic lever for a sustainable, active and supportive Europe, and are partners of citizens, entrepreneurs and civil society whose aspiration is change.

They act:

  • to place the economy at the service of citizens;
  • to fight against exclusion and to participate in territorial and regional development;
  • to give their contribution to sustainable development, solidarity and social cohesion;
  • to support innovative social or environmental projects.


Members of FEBEA finance:

  • The creation of jobs, social employment  in particular;
  • Social enterprises and social economy;
  • The non-profit sector and  participatory economy;
  • New forms of social entrepreneurship;
  • People or groups of people who are subject to social or professional exclusion or are unbanked;
  • Sustainable development: renewable sources of energy, organic farming, biodiversity, etc.;
  • International solidarity and fair trade.