Call for tender: Evaluation for FEBEA operating grant 2023 (CLOSED)

This Call is published within the framework of the ESF Operating Grants Framework Partnerships: “Operating grants to support networks active in the areas of social enterprise finance and microfinance”.

Consultants are herewith invited to present their application for the external evaluation of the project “FEBEA – Taking Social Enterprise Finance in Europe to the next level through the contribution of Ethical financiers” for the year 2023.

*Make sure to carefully read before submitting

The overall objective of the planned evaluation is to ensure objectiveness by external review of the program effectiveness as well as internal program monitoring and evaluation system in place. The evaluation is planned annually (pending the EC approval of the yearly financial support) and should also support FEBEA program planning for the following year.

To better understand the specifications of the call, please download the document containing all the instructions.

Application Process

Interested parties are required to submit their application by e-mail to before 15th November 2023 including at least the following items:

  1. Outline of work-plan for the evaluation (maximum 4 pages);

  2. The curriculum vitae of the consultant(s) who will undertake the work;

  3. Examples of previous work (can be references or web-links – maximum 4 pages);

  4. Proposed breakdown of the budget.

For any clarification about this call please refer to:

Selection process

A final decision will be announced before 30th November 2023.

FEBEA has the right to request further information if deemed necessary. An interview with the candidate is optional.
The criteria for awarding will be based on the following criteria:

  • Tender documents sent on time
  • Documents in line with TOR
  • Amount offered within limit
  • Work to be executed within set timetable
  • Reporting format proposed according to TOR
  • Experience with evaluations
  • Staff proposed with experience with evaluations
  • Knowledge of the social finance sector in Europe
  • Knowledge of social finance networks
  • Quality of proposed research methods
  • Reporting expertise (and command UK English)
  • Suggestions made valuable to evaluation
  • Knowledge about EC (procedures/ working methods/ financing mechanisms/ policies related to social finance)