Call for Tender: Redesign of FEBEA Website

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The European Federation of Ethical and Alternative Banks and Financiers (FEBEA) invites interested website designers to submit proposals for the redesign and development of FEBEA’s current website. The selected company will be tasked with leveraging results from an exhaustive research and thinking through process to design and implement a website that aligns with FEBEA’s objectives and requirements with an after handing in process to FEBEA’s executive team for further independent management of the site. 

The site will be developed on an open-source platform to ensure FEBEA’s independence in updating and controlling the website’s content and design.

Participation in this procurement procedure is open on equal terms to all natural and legal persons regularly registered coming within the scope of the assignment.

Primary objectives: 

  1. Redesign of the Website: Develop a visually appealing and modern website design that reflects FEBEA’s values, mission, and brand identity.
  2. Improve User Experience (UX): Enhance the overall usability and navigation of the website to ensure a seamless, responsive and intuitive experience for users, through a new structure of the information and user’s behaviour. 
  3. Host an additional space within the website, which will be updated annually for the Annual Conference, providing information about the event. No e-commerce features are required. Past conference’s information will have to be stored. 
  4. Transferability to FEBEA’s Executive Team: Implement the website on a cloud host, preferably utilising WordPress platform, that allows for easy management and maintenance by FEBEA’s executive team following project completion. Platform updates, site maintenance and backup should be supported through automated procedures. 

Secondary objectives: 

  1. Implement a “Log-in” Area: Integrate a secure log-in feature for FEBEA members, to act primarily as an exclusive repository of documents with a system of search through topics, labelling, area of work, etc. Chat between members, member profiles and member networking features should be included. 

Scope of Work:

  1. Understand and integrate in the design the comprehensive research and analysis to understand FEBEA’s audience, objectives, and technical requirements that has been already carried out by the Team.
  2. Analyse FEBEA’s current digital context, website ranking, keyword positioning, etc.  
  3. Develop a detailed website design proposal based on the findings, incorporating feedback from FEBEA stakeholders.
  4. Co-creation with FEBEA’s team of the contents for the website in the most optimized copywriting version. 
  5. Provide required documentation and guidelines for FEBEA’s executive team to effectively manage and update the website content.
  6. Ensure compatibility and responsiveness across various devices and browsers.
  7. Perform thorough testing to identify and address any bugs or issues before final delivery.
  8. Design the website according with some SEO strategy previously accorded. 
  9. Integrate website traffic analytic and measuring tools. 

Submission Guidelines:

Interested agencies are requested to submit their proposals no later than 10th of March. Proposals should include:

  1. Company profile and relevant experience in website design and development, particularly within the financial or non-profit sector and examples of previous work.
  2. Detailed explanation of the services that could be offered under the estimated budget: analysis, workshops, designing of the website, maintenance services, SEO strategy, etc. 
  3. Detailed cost breakdown, including any additional fees or expenses.
  4. Timeline of execution.

NB: the cost breakdown should clearly detail the different items, to allow possible prioritisation, and in particular provide a clear separation of the costs between the Primary and Secondary objectives. Primary objectives are the organisation’s focus at this point in time.

Application process:

For inquiries or to submit proposals, please contact 

Please submit an application before the 10th of March 2024 – extended to 13th of March. 

The criteria for awarding will be based on the following criteria:

  1. Quality of the services offered,
  2. Adherence to the proposed budget,
  3. Scope of services provided within the proposed budget, taking into account both primary objectives and secondary objectives, but with that order of preference,
  4. Experience and expertise in the fields of Communications and Ethical Finance or Social and Solidarity Economy, 
  5. Timeline of execution (preference in the first semester of 2024).

FEBEA reserves the right to reject any or all proposals and to award the contract based on the most advantageous offer in terms of quality, cost, and compliance with the requirements outlined in this call for tender.

Maximum billing

The maximum available budget for this consultancy is EUR 10.000, all costs included. Belgian 21% VAT will apply (in case of providers not based in Belgium, VAT amounting to 21% of the net amount will be directly paid through the reverse charge mechanism by FEBEA in Belgium as required by the Belgian VAT authorities).

Financial support of the EU.