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FICOOP-Crowd equity platform is called to be the first crowdfunding platform (Plataforma de Financiación Participativa – PfP, according to Spanish Law) dedicated to crowd equity and crowd lending for Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) entities. This platform has been developed on the bases of international best practices and will have the legal form of a Limited Company as a regulatory restriction.

The PfP will allow SSE entities the access to a full range of financing solutions, contributing to boost a solidarity finance ecosystem and strengthening the development of the Social and Solidarity Economy . FICOOP PfP will create four stakeholders’ networks to support SSE’s initiatives and projects. FICOOP PfP will have a social positive impact, connecting people, institutions and organizations committed on one hand with the social and solidarity principles with SSEs concrete projects on the other hand.

Programme Erasmus +
Partners • IesMed - Coordinator - https://iesmed.eu/en/
 • Fundacion Finanzas Eticas (FEBEA member) - https://finanzaseticas.net/
 • Midy -Pyrenées Active (France Active network - FEBEA member) - https:// franceactive-occitanie.org/
 • Tudigo - https://www.tudigo.co/
Duration 24 months
Role FEBEA - Organisation of study visits and peer-to-peer events with European crowd-(equity) platforms 
 - Networking, exchanges and seminars to attract and involve ethical finance and social economy practitioners in Europe 

Project website tbc