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Development of a social finance instrument in Romania. This financing line creates the opportunity to better map out needs in the field, to learn from the experiences of other countries more advanced in the field, to develop a package of documents for creating financial instruments, to invest in professional capacity building of different actors interested in using non-banking financing instruments; starting the procedure for the establishment of the non-banking financial institution and promoting and dissemination of project results and assessing the potential for replicating it in other countries such as the R. Moldova. The need for the project is generated by the fact that, through the European Social Fund, in RO will be created over 2500 social enterprise start-ups (of which 42 – by ADV) which will start functioning in 2021 and for which there is not financial instrument on the market to help them grow.

Programme EaSI
Partners ADV, the biggest Romanian WISE (Work Integration Social Enterprise), with over 18 years of experience in the field of social programmes / european projects and 11 years of experience in the field of social entrepreneurship, oriented not only towards social integration of youths from groups at risk, including with disabilities, but also towards turning practical experience into system experience. 
 • PATRIA Credit IFN SA is a Non-Banking Financial Institution specialized in microfinance for small agro producers and small rural businesses and potential investor, willing to invest or co-invest in the envisaged financial product. 
Duration 18 months
Role FEBEA - Coordinate the organisation of 4 study visits with the aim of fostering knowledge transfer with existing social finance mechanisms already implemented by FEBEA - members Coordinate the organisation of the training session to be held in Romania on social - finance tools and approaches; Contribute to the market assessment phase; to the finalisation of the core - documents defining the main characteristics of the financial instrument; Results promotion and dissemination among FEBEA members and not only.
Project website https://www.afin.org.ro/?lang=en